Multi-currency credit card

The main customer who opens a foreign currency credit cardingfullz is a person who travels a lot around the world. For such active people, a credit currency card is definitely more profitable than a card in rubles, since its holder saves a lot on expenses related to currency conversion. Of course, you can pay for goods and services abroad with a ruble card, but such a purchase will cost you more than buying with a foreign currency credit card

The fact is that I pay with a ruble card for a purchase that is priced in dollars or euros, the Bank converts the required amount from rubles to the current currency. As a rule, a Commission is charged for each such conversion. If, while on a trip, you make a lot of non-cash transactions on a credit card with a ruble account, then paying each time for currency exchange, ferumcvv in the end, you risk getting a round sum

Currency credit card

A multi-currency credit card is a very convenient tool. Imagine that you can link 3 accounts in different currencies to one carddumpswithpin: rubles, euros, and dollars, and then switch the card service to the currency that is relevant to you in the Internet Bank, depending on the country where you are located

Unfortunately, there are almost no banks in Russia that offer to open multi-currency credit cards, and this is probably their main drawback. However, for travelers, a good alternative may be multi-currency debit cards, which are issued by several Russian banks benumbccshop